Firefox Why-How

The purpose of this document is to give a quick overview of why you should use firefox, and how to use its best features.

Its Free!

Mozilla Firefox is completely free. You can even download the source code and build your own.


A majority of recent security flaws in windows were found in internet explorer. Firefox does not use ActiveX, and therefore is much more secure.

Popup Blocker

Firefox comes with a built-in popup blocker. It is much better than external popup stoppers, as it can differentiate between user-requested and unrequested popups. A whitelist lets you specify which sites can open popups

Tabbed Browsing

Firefox is a tabbed-browser. You can open multiple webpages inside Tabs within the same window, instead of cluttering your taskbar with multiple windows.

Smart Keywords

Firefox lets you create keywords for your bookmarks, so that you can access them quickly. It even lets you add wildcards, so that you can do a quick dictionary search, for example.


If you clicked on a google-search result, and it opened up a long article, you want to quickly find what you searched for - right? Find-as-you-type lets you start typing what you want to search for, and it scrolls down to the first occurance of the search term on the webpage


Firefox lets you clear all personal information stored while browsing - history, saved forms, saved passwords, cookies, cache - at the touch of a button

Cookie Whitelist

Firefox allows you to use a cookie whitelist/blacklist. You can choose to accept session cookies only, and whitelist sites that would be allowed to set permanent cookies.


Firefox is extensible. Several third-party developers have written nifty extensions to enhance the functionality of firefox. Examples include a regular-expression based ad-blocker, a chat client, a notepad within the browser.


Firefox has extensive configuration options, to configure the browser as needed