Firefox 101

Where do I download Firefox

Download here

Why should I use firefox?

Read the Why-How to find why to use firefox and how to use it optimally.

How do I block ads using Firefox?

Install the Adblock extension.

Advantages of Adblock:
- Very easy to enable/disable temporarily
- Can block images/scripts/flash/iframes
- Lists which images/scripts have been blocked (in the status bar)
- Can prevent ads from being downloaded (not just hide)
- Can alpabetically sorts your blocked list
- Can use very selective wildcards (and regexps if you know how to)
- Can be invoked right from the status-bar
- Renders Flash-click-to-view, Nuke image, Nuke anything, and a ton of small extensions obsolete!

How do I make Firefox remember my yahoo password?

Some sites, like yahoo think they know better than you when you're allowed to store the password, and when not.
However, the geek in you wants to surf the web your way, not their way - correct?

What you need to do is to create a bookmarklet.
Drag and drop the "remember password" box from Jesse's bookmarklets to your bookmarks toolbar.

How do I make adobe reader 6 pages load faster?

Adobe reader loadtime has been going from bad to worse. This is because of the plugins they load at startup, regardless of whether you need them or not. However, most of adobe's plugins are useless for the average user, and deserve to be deleted.

Delete all files other than EWH32.api, search5.api and Printme folder in x:\program files\adobe\...\reader\plug_ins folder.
Here's the Source

Where is my Firefox profile, and what does it do?

Your profile is stored in %APPDATA%/Mozilla/Firefox
Your profile folder contains the following important files:
- bookmarks.html (Bookmars or Favorites)
- signons.txt and key3.db (Stored Passwords)
- cookies.txt and hostperm.1 (Stored Cookies)
- user.js and prefs.js (Firebird settings)

You should backup your profile folder before attempting to tweak Firefox.

How do I customize Firefox?

Depending on your comfort level, you can try:
1. Select Tools followed by Options. Fool around with various options, especially in privacy and advanced.
2. Type about:config in the address bar, look for things that look familiar. Try tweaking some true/false values ;-)
3. Once you know which settings you always want to keep, store them in user.js

#9: What can I place in user.js?

You can assign parameters that are picked up by firefox on startup
(Note: user.js does not exist by default, you must create it)

Here's a sample user.js

How is user.js different from prefs.js?

prefs.js is automatically regenerated each time you close your browser, depending on the changes you made using menus, or directly using about:config

user.js on the other hand, overrides the settings in prefs.js, and loads up known, good, trusted configuration values you placed there.

How do I keep Firefox and my settings on a USB drive?

Check out these instructions. Be sure to read the third comment.